Master in Leadership & Management (M.A.)

Advanced management study on a top world-class level, international focus, innovative concepts and absolute practical orientation – this is what students and corporate partners may expect from the programmes at the International Management College of Frankfurt. Our Master Programme is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to pursue an international career in a leadership position. The fast track programme takes only 18 months combining state-of-the-art management knowledge and the opportunity to gain relevant work experience, learn a foreign language and thus give your career a head start. With your study at the IMC you are awarded a university degree from the UK, expand your horizons, build an international network and deep dive into foreign cultures.

Programme Overview

Leadership & Management (Master of Arts)

Study diploma: Master of Arts (MA) in Leadership and Management from a renowned state University, near Oxford/ London (UK)
Study field: International Management / Global Business / Leadership
Enrollment: 2 intakes per year: Summer term May /Winter term November
Duration of study: 3 semesters incl. Master Thesis (only 12 months presence necessary)

Location: IMC Campus in Ventura Tower (Eschborn, Frankfurt; Germany)
Study group: Small (up to 24 students)
Lecture languages: English/ German
Workload: 180 CATS Credit points / 90 ECTS
Tuition fee: € 18.950* (advance payment) / € 19,600* (payment in instalments) *registration and examination fees apply

Scholarships available! Ask us for more info!

Accreditation and distinctions: The prestigious British university (near Oxford / London), founded in 1893, is accredited by QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education), is in accordance with German Minister of Education Conference (KMK) with H + University status – and was recently awarded the Silver Award for “Excellence in learning and teaching in higher education “(TEF).

Ask for more information about our exclusive Business Experience Package (optional). Seize the chance to gain relevant professional experience and discover German Management Secrets in thrilling internships or real-life case studies.
This unique package ensures that you make the most out of your time in Germany. Exemplary contents:

• Cultural Integration Seminars
• Personal Coaching Sessions
• Work Experience opportunities
• Join our real-life case studies for international companies and present in front of successful managers
• Find an internship or a working student opportunity in our company network
• Networking Support in exciting events
• Application training
…and more

Highlights of the Master study

Over the course of a study period of three semesters (including the master’s thesis) where you only have to be in Germany for 12 months, you will build in-depth knowledge of modern leadership and international management in exciting lectures, interesting workshops and selected case studies. Renowned guest speakers from successful companies will additionally provide their perspective on current management issues and will invite you to critical discussions on a senior management level.

The scientifically-founded knowledge is delivered to you in intense sessions by true experts. Hence, a transfer of theoretical knowledge to your professional work is seamless. Thanks to your new skills, after successful graduation, you will be able to lead international teams, manage international projects and take over leadership activities in mid- and upper-level management. Through your university master’s diploma, you will document your additional professional and personal know-how on an higher level, you will be able to different yourself everyday and take the next career step!

Course contents

1st Semester

Module 1: Performance Leadership in VUCA Environment

Element 1: Leadership in VUCA environment

  • How an organisation can remain relevant in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment
  • Forecasting trends, changing customer demands & trend analysis
  • Competitive strategies
  • Action planning under consideration of opportunities & risks
  • Business modelling & New market strategies

Element 2: Performance Leadership

  • Qualities and measurements of high performance leadership
  • Shaping organisational vision, culture, values
  • Collaborative working & partnerships
  • Understanding organisational structures
  • Driving a culture of resilience
Module 2: Realising Personal Potential & Developing Team Talent

Element 1: Leading, managing & developing talent

  • Team performance & strategy/Team dynamics
  • Diversity management
  • 360-degree feedback & performance measures
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • How to build a high performance, collaborative & agile culture
  • Talent management & succession planning

Element 2: Realizing Personal Potential

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing & maintaining relationships
  • Well-being & personal resilience
  • Internal & external stakeholder management
  • Approaches to effective decision-making
  • Coaching & mentoring skills development

2nd Semester

Module 3: Realising Personal Potential & Developing Team Talent

Element 1: Proactively leading change & innovation

  • Drivers & Management of change
  • Managing innovation & creativity
  • Disruptive technologies & Big Data
  • New ways of working across infrastructure, processes, people & culture
  • Entrepreneurship

Element 2: Instilling values: Governance, ethics & social responsibility

  • Ethics & value based leadership
  • Values driven organisations
  • Governance & accountability
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Module 4: Financial & Operational Excellence while Managing Risk

Element 1: International Operations & Financial Performance

  • Budget & Operational planning
  • Programme management
  • Procurement strategies & Contract management
  • Acquisition and sources of finance
  • Financial strategies- scenarios, modelling & identifying trends
  • Applying economic theory to decision-making

Element 2: Risk Management

  • Risk management principles
  • Regulatory environments & Compliance
  • Data protection & Cyber security
  • Brand & reputation management
  • Environmental impact

3rd Semester

Module 5: Business Research Methods / Master Thesis

This is the final piece of work that you must complete to gain your MBA. It is a major piece of self-managed work, where the student must identify their own research question, set research objectives, gather and analyse appropriate literature, secondary and primary research to meet those objectives. You will be given a suitable competent supervisor in their subject who will be able to advise and guide the student through the process of completion through to submission. To complete successfully, you must analyse and evaluate the theories and concepts around the chosen subject as well as show proficiency in the design and conduct of primary research and integrating any relevant secondary research undertaken.

Indicative content:

  • Self-management – time, planning, reflective learning
  • What is a Master Thesis?
  • Writing aims, objectives and research questions for task/projects to be investigated
  • Producing aims and objectives for own development
  • Analysis and evaluation of current relevant literature
  • Research methodology – selection, justification, design and evaluation
  • Ethics
  • Research methods – interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, observation, desk research
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Academic writing

Study diploma

After successful completion of the study course, you are entitled to hold the title of Master of Arts in Leadership and Management (M.A.).

The Master study course leads you to an internationally recognised, accredited university diploma issued by the renowned British University, founded in 1893 – recently awarded the Silver Award for Excellence in learning and teaching in higher education (TEF).

The official presentation of the diploma is a festive ceremony at the university near Oxford/ London in England. Participation is a very exclusive event and honours the performance of the annual Master graduates.

Management Studienabschluss

Admission requirements

Alternative 1:

✔ You do have a Bachelor’s degree or diploma in economics from an officially recognized university (Anabin list).

Alternative 2:

✔ You graduated from a non-business study. In this case you can also join the course after completing an additional preparatory course to understand the basics of economics (integrated in study time – no additional semester necessary. Additional fees apply).


In both alternatives:

  • Minimum 3.0 average mark of Bachelor’s degree/diploma
  • At least 240 ECTS from the first study or alternatively 210 ECTS in addition to relevant work experience (which is equal to 30 ECTS)
    • Work experience requirements for Master applications:
      • Bachelor study of 6 semesters require a minimum of 1 year work experience
      • Bachelor study of 8 semesters require no work experience

If you have doubts about fulfilling these requirements, please send us your complete CV and academic transcript and we will check potential options for you.

  • English language requirements: A certification of your language skills is mandatory. There are different tests/certifications we accept e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, Pearson and CAE. We require the following minimum scores:
    • IELTS: 6.0
    • TOEFL IBT: 80 Points
    • PTE Pearson Test of English (Academic): 56 points (51 points in each segment)
    • CAE Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (min. B grade overall)

If you don´t have test results documenting your English skills but any other relevant language experience or education (e.g. lived some years in the United States, the UK or any other English-speaking country) admission is also possible.


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