About the IMC

The International Management College understands itself as a modern, international education centre in Europe's economic metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is specialised in personal and professional development of motivated junior managers, young professionals and senior leaders.

About the IMC Frankfurt

The IMC offers internationally focused programmes in the areas of Business Administration and Management.

Selected education partnerships and international cooperation additionally contribute to a truly unique offering for motivated leadership employees.

A selected range of fast-track course offers, an agile learning environment as well as experienced professors and lecturers deliver top-level modern advanced professional qualifications.

Thanks to active membership of the IMC in leading associations and unions such as the European Association of International Education (EAIE) or the Federation for Education in Europe (FEDE), global academic networking as well as professional development on an international level is guaranteed.

Education 4.0

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Continuing education offers at a top level, high international orientation and consistent practical orientation - this is what prospects and business partners can expect from the programs of the IMC and its educational partners.

Scientific exchange, academic partners and collaborations

International Focus

Internationale Ausrichtung

Being a management college with international focus, the IMC offers its participants the benefits of a global network. Beside the indicated aspects, foreigners profit from the excellent support in all key issues of organisation or job searches during and after the course. Our experienced employees from the International Office will support all our participants.

The road to Europe is, for many foreigners, an adventurous, bold step, especially when it concerns a longer time, such as an educational course. At the International Management College, we are aware of this, and have conceived an exclusive service package for our participants.

Experimental Learning

A modern management course is characterised by very high orientation towards practical applications. The International Management College has made this its central premise. Hence, from the very beginning of their programs, participants at the IMC have the opportunity to be a part of exciting management talks, casual chats as well as exclusive international excursions. You shall expand your network and get to know successful managers from international corporations.

Our programmes always provide knowledge in an interactive, interdisciplinary manner. The presenters are, without exception, personalities with comprehensive teaching experience.

Experimental Learning

Young professionals from leading companies choose the IMC

The popularity of the Master & MBA programs lives from the diversity and spirit of fellow students. In addition to highly motivated lecturers, this contributes significantly to an effective & exciting learning environment.

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