Executive Education

Besides the academic development of young talents, top-motivated junior employees and young managers, the International Management College offers a selective range of additional offers and intense seminars for experienced specialists and managers who would like to expand their know-how and their competence profile by modern management methods – in the form of exclusive, multi-day management updates or exciting workshop days.

The Executive Education Programme

Excellent education is our passion. The Executive Programmes at the IMC shall provide you with the knowledge necessary to achieve sustainable, long-term success. Get Your Management Update now and gain relevant knowledge about the most important topics of digitalisation or the most efficient leadership concepts, through flexible yet intense programmes. Executive Education 4.0 – this is the IMC.




Management Updates

These exclusive day seminars work with the most up-to-date scientific knowledge, trends, top management perspectives and future scenarios in a compact form. Managers and leaders get quick, yet at the same time comprehensive, know-how transfer on the key topics of modern management.

Organisational Performance

These three intense day seminars take on the central components of success of modern corporate management. The key topical areas of digitalisation, innovation and international project management are scientifically-founded in exciting seminars, at the same time they are practice-oriented and headed by practically-experienced speakers.

Leadership Excellence

Successful leadership remains the key success factor for companies. There are few management activities that are so heavily in focus and have to deal with the continuous changes. Excellent leaders and the targeted development of motivated employees on all levels of the organization are some of the key performance components in a modern performance-oriented organisation. Our stunning seminars shall provide you with new perspectives for modern and future-oriented leadership.

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